Frequently Asked Questions

Are fences allowed in Deerfield Woods?

No, fences are not allowed on homeowners' properties in keeping with the Association's        By-laws, which can be found here.


What are the pool hours?

The pool is open from 12 pm to 8 pm Monday through Friday and 11 am to 8 pm on weekends and holidays.


What is the Deerfield Woods Policy regarding fallen trees?

Deerfield Woods follows Ohio state law with regards to fallen trees, which says that tree owners are not responsible for damage caused by their trees unless the owners are negligent.  


This means that if a tree falls during a storm or inclement weather, it is the responsibility of the person whose property it fell onto to clean it up and pay for any necessary repairs or damages.  If a tree from the common area falls onto private property, the HOA is not responsbile for clean-up or expenses incurred.


However, Deerfield Woods does follow a proactive approach for trees that are dead or dying.  If the HOA is notified about trees in the common areas that are of concern, an expert is contacted to come out to assess the situation.  Once a determination is made that a tree poses a potential, immediate risk, arrangements are made to remove the tree before it falls. 


When is the Deerfield Woods neighborhood garage sale?

The annual Deerfield Woods Garage Sale will be held Thursday, June 13, 2024 from 9 am to 4 pm. 


If you are interested in participating in the sale, please email with "garage sale" in the subject line. 


You must have an individual garage sale permit from the City of Strongsville to participate, which are free and can be requested here.


Are swing sets allowed in Deerfield Woods?

Yes, swing sets are allowed in Deerfield Woods.  Your swing set must be located entirely on your property, and the basic swing set area cannot interfere with a neighbor's property line or common ground.


Where do residents find the most current information regarding Deerfield Woods Homeowners Association and Board-related activities? 

Any and all news related to the Deerfield Woods Homeowners Association and Board-related activities is posted on this website as soon as possible.


What is the mailing address for Deerfield Woods Homeowners Association?

Deerfield Woods Homeowners Association, P.O. Box 360884, Strongsville, Ohio 44136






Deerfield Woods Association

P.O. Box 360884

Strongsville, Ohio 44136



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